The main backbone of the course is educating knowledge of computer and its engineering . Almost all fields are computerized to have ease of handling the problems of designing, manufacturing, maintenance, servicing, researching, marketing and accounting.


The B.E. Computer engineering program includes computer operations on different languages, data generation , collection and utilization of information. The course imparts all the basics as well as latest knowledge pertaining to the rapidly developing field of computers. The course is designed to keep students in pace with the practical field.

The mission of the department is to produce and impart theory, principles, practice and know-importance of computing in the information age. This is require for the critical analysis, design, evolution and improvement of computing system in context of computers and industry services. It is our objective that student should be able to pursue advanced studies in computer engineering and information technology on a competitive universal basis.

The college has well established computer labs which are facilitated with IBM, X series Xeon & dual processor Pentium servers, IBM server and several hundred work stations connected in LAN & WAN.


The department has 6 laboratories with HCL Dual 2 coreProcessors, 450 Computers, and peripherals worth Rs. 90 lacs. Department facilitates 24X7 information access facility through internateconnectivity across the campus. The department is enriched with the latest software including campus wide license for Microsoft.

We have Laboratories for Computer Network, Database, Linux, Internet, Asp.Net & VB.Net, Project lab, Parallel Computing & Distributed Operating System, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Data Structure & Algorithm, Novell Net-ware Diskless.