Information Technology deals with the gamut of Electronic Technology and software which can be used to transmit, receive, store and process information in digital form. Sustained developments in the area have made it possible to process information at speeds which were thought impossible few years ago. few years ago.

Information Technology

AIT was the pioneer in India to appreciate the importance of Information Technology and established a four year bachelor degree programme in 2008 with an intake of 60 students.

Many distinguished alumni of the department are either holding respectable position in industries like Infosys, Wipro, IBM, Intel, Capegemini, Microsoft, etc or have opted for higher studies across the globe. Students of this department with the help of faculty members have developed user friendly software for Online Feedback system and Library. These softwares have considerably enhanced the Information Access Facility.


The department has 6 laboratories with HCL Dual 2 coreProcessors, 450 Computers, and peripherals worth Rs. 90 lacs. Department facilitates 24X7 information access facility through internateconnectivity across the campus. The department is enriched with the latest software including campus wide license for Microsoft.

Future Plans And Vision

To initiate inter-institutional collaboration with top international universities in the form of student/faculty exchange, joint research projects for imparting global competitive edge and to get more consultancy projects.