• Shri S. H. Patel Chairman

    Education Policy declared by Government of India in 1986 and passing of A.I.C.T.E. Act in 1987 by both the houses of Parliament paved way for starting Self Financed Institutions of Technical Education in the country. In subsequent years, globalization of Trade and Industry and liberalization of economy inculcated aspirations among the parents and students to go for higher technical education for their bright future. As such, the thirst for technical education in every sphere of society went on increasing year after year. In course of time, knowledge became the source of generating the wealth and graduates of Engineering colleges became in high demand nationally and internationally where they are known as Knowledge workers.

    In order to ensure that Gujarat does not lag behind other states in matter of imparting quality technical education to its youth; few highly educated and like minded persons came forward to fulfill this Herculean task by forming Charitable trust known Ashok Education Landmark Trust which created an Institution named “Ahmedabad Institute of Technology”. This Institute was established with objective to provide quality Technical Education to the youth of Gujarat and to fulfill the aspirations of the students and their parents in today’s knowledge based society. As such, Ahmedabad Institute of Technology was established in June 2004 under the approval of All India Council for Technical Education to fulfill technical educational needs of the students of Gujarat State. It has gained name for imparting quality technical education in the vicinity of Ahmedabad. Currently it offers Degree programmes in seven branches of Engineering viz Electronics & Communication Engg, Electrical Engg, Computer Engg, Civil Engg., Automobile Engg, Mechanical Engg. and Information Technology along with Post Graduate Programmes.

  • Dr. Sardadevi Mandalapu Principal

    It is my privilege to welcome you into the portals of this great institution dedicated to the cause of top quality education. Our vision is to impart Technical Education and Practical training of exemplary academic standards to our students brand ambassadors of Ahmedabad Institute of Technology (AIT), Ahmedabad.AIT is one of the oldest SFI engineering colleges affilited to the Gujarat Technological University (GTU).

    Our Honorable founder has dedicated this institute to empower engineers of the country to achieve quality education imbibed with professional and ethical values.

    The holistic approach of the institute stimulates innovation among students by inspiring fresh and new ideas with different creative thinking and strong conviction to achieve the true success.

    It is the aim of the management and faculty who are committed to continually improve and deliver competitive quality technical education to the satisfaction of the students, their parents and the potential employers.

    Thus our students are chiseled out with unique dimensions of consciousness, compassion and creativity which make them:

    Conscious of technological know how
    Compassionate towards our society as a whole
    Creators of technological societies
    I feel happy and delighted to welcome our incoming students and my best wishes for their brilliant academic career at AIT.